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Mystical Musings
With Myron McClellan and Lawrence Phillips
Category: Religion & Spirituality
Location: Denver, Colorado
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The way of the mystic is one in which we seek to transform suffering into compassion, joy, and love.

by Myron McCle...
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October 27, 2017 02:17 PM PDT

Floods, fires, infestations, political standoffs and strife: chaos abounding outwardly and inwardly as well. What's a good mystic to do?

If the mystic path is about anything it is about love and compassion, which have been abundant in the face of the Texas floods as well as the many wildfires plaguing the nation; there are so many examples of ordinary people rising up extraordinarily to help their fellow citizens. Compassion seems to be part of our genetic code and is thus a great practice in these chaotic times. And of course compassion is for others but also for ourselves, especially those dark corners of our childhood woundings that now more than ever need the light of our love to help ourselves consciously evolve, deepening our mystic practices.

Michaelangelo said in late old age, I am still learning. And so Curiosity about even Chaos as well as Compassion is a foundation for all of our contemplative work and will thus be our parting gift to our fellow mystics, curiously exploring body, mind, heart, spirit.

May 30, 2017 11:20 AM PDT

How do we keep our mystic boat afloat in turbulent waters? How can we keep our sense of oneness in such polarizing and divisive times? In time for our Mystical Musings hiatus until September 17, we explore some fundamental strategies for evoking our mystic presence and for cultivating our mystic practice.

April 23, 2017 11:18 PM PDT

The message that Jesus brings is Love. The magic and power of Easter is that Love returns, embodied. The message is Love! not just the Law, not the power-of-the-strongest, but Love! and not just when it is convenient and easy and flowing, but also and even especially when it is difficult and challenging.
Herein our mystic passion is being forged.

In a culture of conformity, the iconoclastic mystic faces challenges with and from the status quo. Remaining oriented toward Love, our mystic paths are our refuges- along with community and the Avatar- amid the stormy evolution. Easter reminds us and evokes from within us the Christ-spirit, Love ongoing.

These are transformative times as institutions, cultural touchstones and some individuals are crumbling, others rising anew, resurrecting. As the mystic core of love and union guides us through...we ourselves are resurrecting, an embodied resurrecting, renewing and transforming, ever-deepening and expanding our capacity to Love.

March 27, 2017 07:31 PM PDT

With a collective sense of humanity in America, and to some extent the world, being anxious and uncertain amid the rapidly evolving political and environmental scenes, we need as never before to access our genetically encoded sense of joy/peace/love; we need this access as a daily mystic practice to help heal what is ailin' us. And Hey! it's Springtime, a significant return of the basic codes of our earthly existence, offering us cyclical renewal as a balm for the oppression of current events and unfolding planet-wide changes. With renewal comes fresh perspective, new opportunity and new ways of living our lives and maybe, just maybe, irrational exuberance. Join us for our Spring Equinox Mystical Musings.

February 26, 2017 08:48 PM PST

In terms of the daily living of our lives, perfection is the enemy of the soul. Kindness, lovingkindness toward one's family and friends, tribe and worthy opponents, and towards oneself, is a mystic practice in great demand right now. The Japanese philosophy of WabiSabi is a paradigm founded on the Buddhist three marks of existence: impermanence, suffering and emptiness, which cultivate kindness through compassion. The WabiSabi aesthetic includes simplicity, intimacy and deep appreciation of the ingenuous integrity of the natural world. Let us find our way toward deepening lovingkindness, together in this next Mystical Musings.

January 22, 2017 07:10 PM PST

Do we lose our innocence or just misplace it? Does innocence end
because of the seemingly inevitable effects of growing older or does it get transformed, so that
we often don't recognize it anymore? In this complex and challenging world is access to innocence even desirable?

Innocence is our true inner sense; we are born with Buddha nature, with purity, presence, wonder and joy. Innocence/Inner Sense is our platform for our being human and for learning anything especially the spiritual art of the mystic. Please join us as we begin our fourteenth year of Mystical Musings as we celebrate what feels to us as an unfolding of a whole new cycle of endeavor personally and collectively.

December 22, 2016 08:46 AM PST

Such love does
the sky now pour,
that whenever I stand in a field,

I have to wring out the light
when i get

-St Francis of Assisi

The inner journey in nature, no matter time of year, offers opportunities for letting go, for deeper presence, absorption, sometimes even rapture or ecstasy. And so we wring out the light with the utter delight of deeply knowing that God is Love, Love Is, and I am Love. Wringing out the Light,
we go deeper, we open more deeply than ever to the Light and to the Dark, the Great YinYang of the felt universe. We wring out the light when we are consciously living on our growing edge and work with whatever arises emotionally, spiritually, energetically.
Let's wring out the light together at our next Mystical Musings.

November 27, 2016 10:16 PM PST

Silence, stillness and darkness give us a chance to disconnect from our wired world, from the external, from the cacophony of everyday life, the onslaught of information and the chaos of noise pollution.
Stillness is the silence of our habitual unconscious body movements.
Darkness is the silence of sight.
For some the disconnect of silence is emptiness, for others it is fullness. Silence breeds insight as we
let go of the familiar and open to the depths. Silence cultivates deeper listening, an active listening. Silence invites a deepening of our inner life. Silence is the potentiated field of possibility.
Silence opens the door to the vastness of our Being.

Silence is the playground of the mystic.

"Silence holds with its gloved hand,
the wild hawk of the mind."

November 03, 2016 08:24 PM PDT

Isn't a whisper how sometimes spirit speaks? Not the loud, authoritative, powerful voice necessarily but the still, small, voice, a whisper speaking spirit. Whether it is your name being called or your power being called back into your heart and soul, a whisper is what often guides the mystic.

But what of eternity? Other than that it is a very long, long time? How does "eternal" interface with daily reality? Is it only awe or does it include practicality as well?

Whispers are not only sounds, but with a little synesthesia-imagination, a feather-touch could be perceived as a somatic whisper; or if there is a waft of an exquisite fragrance, this too could be an olfactory whisper. Doesn't elusive happiness whisper to us? Our embodiment whispers often on
many different levels, intimating whispers of eternity.

We will offer Musings on eternity whispering. Please join us.

September 26, 2016 05:18 PM PDT

The dark events of the summer are enough to make pessi-mystics of us all!
No one needs to be told that there is currently conflict and confusion, widespread anger and deep grief in the collective. Add the weather to the mix and we can be almost depressed! But there is work for the mystic to do that can make a huge difference in all that's going on. What we might not give thought to is how we can help the situation and how we can learn from it. And the chaos can also help us grow deeply and rapidly. We don't want to miss the opportunity. Many believe that this time is the dark night before an awesome dawn, but this time has intrinsic value and is an invitation to service for all the spiritual communities on earth. We also point out while alarming conflict and confusion reign in the outside world, we are being infused by a gargantuan amount of Light. We await the dawn while we do what only spiritual awakening people can do: send powerful showers of Love and Light to everyone on the planet. We also look at what we can learn as we go about the task of lovingly caring for the world, and how we can use all the darkness to illuminate places in ourselves that need attention. We look at how, underneath it all, there is brilliant Light shining on us as spiritual beings. Please join us midway in our thirteenth year for this first Mystical Musings of the 2016-17 season.

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